CMA Data Preparation

CMA Data stands for Credit Monitoring Arrangement Data. According to RBI, CMA data is required for Project Loans, Term Loans and Working Capital Limits. As per the regulation, company is required to provide CMA Data getting the loan from bank and every year. CMA Data is a detailed analysis of working capital management of the borrower and the purpose of this statement is to ensure the use of funds effectively.

Under the Credit Authorisation Scheme (CAS), prior approval by the RBI for credit above specified limits was required. These conditions and the limits of credit were revised from time to time. Initially, the Credit Authorisation Scheme (CAS) was viewed as a measure to prevent utilisation of scarce credit resources by some large borrowers.

Later, the recommendations by the Chore Committee and Tandon Group were incorporated in the CAS scrutiny of credit proposals by banks. Generally, the RBI authorisation involved long delays, which was disliked by the banks and their customers. Also, their system of monitoring the disbursement of bank credit was a concern.


1. Past 2 years Audited Financials
2. Provisional Financial for the current year; in the absence of provisional financials, details of the top line shall be essential
3. Latest Sanction letter (in case of renewal)
4. Term Loan Repayment Schedule, if any
5. Details of proposed enhancement (if any) along with the terms and conditions